Cpl. Geoff Bush, Pa State Police and Region 8 Representative put together, and New Jersey State Police Academy hosted, a Regional Training Seminar on July 6, 2016.  The seminar was a huge success!  Sgt. Chris Sharpe of the NJSP arranged to host the meeting at their  academy facility. NJSP provided the option of free lodging the night before for folks wishing to spend the night.  A heartfelt Thank You goes out to Chris and his staff.
       There were more then 27 Driving Instructors in attendance from PA, NJ, VA and Massachusetts. Presentations were given by the following ALERT Members:
Dan Donza from Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute gave an overview of VDI and some ideas to help improve and validate a driver training program.
Corporal Chris Daly from the West Chester PA Police Department gave a presentation and practical demonstration of the limited effectiveness of emergency sirens.
M/Sgt. Matt Razukas of the New Jersey State Police gave an outstanding presentation of several of the officer involved fatalities that he has investigated in the past, and discussed what the causation factors that contributed to the crashes.
Cpl. Bush gave a brief presentation on the PSP Driving Program changes that were recently made and how PSP is addressing training with Electronic Stability and skid control.
Sgt. Chris Sharpe of the NJSP gave an overview of the NJSP driving courses and participants actually got a hands on demo on the driving pad.
Note from the President Al Liebno…..I want to thank Geoff, Sgt. Sharpe and everyone who assisted them in making this an exceptional training event.  The only regret I have is that my State POST Commission met the same day and did not conclude its business until mid-afternoon.  Also, from this one day seminar ALERT International has received 4 new members.  Folks, especially Regional Reps, this is where ALERT International can increase its membership and provide the most cost effective training, to not only ALERT members, but to all EVO Instructors across the North America.  Hopefully this is the first of many Regional training events.  I challenge the other 10 Regional Representatives…come to Savannah and report on the program that you have scheduled for 2017.