with Jonathan Page
( Article Nov. 2015)

In the air, if a fighter pilot needs to direct attention to a specific tactical navigation system for four or five seconds, he or she can do so safely — a pursuit driver does not have that same luxury…………..

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Jonathan Page is a professor, cognitive neuroscientist, and co-founder of the World is Round, LLC. He has conducted more than a decade of research studying human perception and action. His extensive research on physiological responses to stress and how stress influences behavior led him to pursue new and more effective ways to deal with stress and stressful situations. Collaborating in field research with the London Metropolitan Police Service, the US military, and Federal and State law enforcement agencies in the US provided Jon with the knowledge he needed to develop the cognitive command (C2) technique. Along with his wife Kasee, Jon co-authored a training curriculum that is currently being used in law enforcement academies in the US. He also authored the book NeuroCop and has published his research in several professional journals. [Professor Page was a presenter at the 2015 ALERT International Training Symposium/Conference, Ontario, Canada]